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Divorce Law Info is a unique consultation service which aims to provide user-friendly pre-divorce information addressing the many issues surrounding divorce.

Having specialised for many years as a divorce lawyer, I became concerned that many of my clients had little or no idea of what divorce involved before they embarked upon it.  The process can be complex and this in turn can make it very expensive.  Many clients have told me that, had they taken care to be better informed at the outset, they would have tried harder at their marriage or prepared for divorce in a more considered manner.

Until the establishment of Divorce Law Info, the only sources of help available were either the Citizens Advice Bureau, who offer very basic guidance, or law firms (i.e. solicitors), who charge an hourly rate for their services.  Too often, people who have not yet understood the issues or made a final decision can find themselves paying more than they need for preliminary guidance. They may even find themselves starting off down the path of divorce prematurely.

Divorce Law Info now provides that preliminary help for men and women contemplating divorce, addressing the need for practical and relevant pre-divorce information.  It helps men and women having marital problems to make informed decisions based on a fuller understanding of the fundamental divorce issues and procedures.  It can also help people to consider a range of options and to evaluate a decision to divorce.



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